Monday, 30 March 2009

The Inner State Circus EP

Lost somewhere in Sheffield’s ‘Ice Palace’ rest a band suckled with summer sun, toasted funk blues and melodies you can twist around your little finger.

The Inner State Circus combine styles to melt your heart, it’s raucous and warm, if a little patchy and over indulgent in parts.

It’s forgivable at times in this montage but 'Identity Unknown' loses itself amongst shoddy recording, long build ups and has little to keep your ear interested which is stark in contrast to 'Certainty' which floats in a summer breeze of acoustic Spanish guitar, low key drumming and sweet melodies.

'Sorry For Interrupting Your Love Making' is a schizophrenic affair chopping between fast and slow and starts in a dramatic attack of piano followed by an excellent chant for which all the band take lead.

The song soon ebbs away, then grows, then ebbs and never returns to the same point, there is nothing to grasp throughout the song until it finally returns to opening chant and even then they don’t just leave it alone, they go on for another minute until the track fades into silence.

The Inner State Circus are at their best when the music goes quieter, the acoustics come out and the piano plays. Devon Francis’s vocals lift the songs to a whole new level at times in 'Certainty' and 'Keeping the Pain Alive', if accentuated more the outcome could be rather beautiful.

Maybe you’ll get a better grasp by watching it live, good luck though, they just played their last gig.

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