Monday, 30 March 2009

Kings of Leon @ Nottingham Trent Arena 2/12/8

Having first come onto the scene in 2002 as country punksters loaded with raw boppers Kings of Leon have fraternised with greatness, the stars, crabs and turned into one of the most respected bands around. Arguably stumbling on their latest release, 'Only By the Night', they've still produced one of the best albums of the year with tracks like 'Sex on Fire' turning into mega hits. Apparently selling out this tour in three minutes there's a lot more expectation on their shoulders now, they're no longer the aspiring but the aspired.
Opening with the moody icebreaker from 'OBTN', 'Closer' they immediately follow with the monumental 'Crawl', propelling the revellers at the front into a frenzy. They're raunchy and tight and belong on the bigger stage. After five songs we finally get a word from Caleb; 'We're Kings of Leon'. Thanks. It doesn't matter though because you're utterly transfixed despite being on row fucking Z at the back of the bastard room that they could tell us how shit we are and it wouldn't matter. Caleb then tells us that they were drinking before the show and decided to play their longest ever set; 'Hope you aren't getting fed up of us yet.' Despite screaming and dancing the Kings remain modest and it translates into their music, they're relaxed yet fired up as they storm through the rest of a set that sends tingles up the spine. They finish with their trademark pre-encore pleaser 'Trani' in raucous fashion and start to show signs of fatigue; Caleb's voice cracks more beautifully than anybodies has ever before. They're still ready for a four-song encore and reach new heights with 'Knocked Up' before 'Charmer' is unleashed on a not so unsuspecting crowd and they wrap the night up with 'Black Thumbnail'.
Kings of Leon are perhaps within touching distance of greatness, one more album off rock royalty. They capture the times well and you still want more, you feel they're only going to get better. It's fine, remember, patience is a virtue and even though they were spot on this evening, you know you'll be taking a spare pair next time, because with the Kings, there will always be a next time.

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