Monday, 30 March 2009

The Magdelaine Cays @ The Nottingham House 21/2/9

Signed recently for a single deal to independent label Diffusion, the Magdelaine Cays have been picking up admiring glances from the north and the south. They play a brand of rock which definitely maybe belongs in 1994 but they do it with an edge that grips you right away and shreds your own larynx as much as front man Mr Mark Booths’.
Tonight seems to be a showcase of everything the Magdelaine Cays have to offer, well, for the time being anyway. Their long song set is delivered with conviction, sheer determination and they’re clearly having a ball.
We’re introduced to their new single Tricolore along with other tunes such as Too Skint to Breath and Guns of Navarone where Booth screams ‘I’m gonna shoot you down yeah yeah yeah’ which might have more right to be dominating charts than chubby chappies in suits wishing for double 0 status or angst ridden emos in skinny jeans who are more worried about their guy liner than their g string.
There are sing-along moments in Girl With the Two Tone Hair which is greeted with a loud reception from a large and fairly rowdy Notty House crowd who are dancing, singing and drinking in large proportions.
As they bring their set to a rip roaring end they announce they’ll be back before long, they weren’t lying and return to the stage to further entertain the revellers with their acoustic guitars showcasing new songs and a variety of covers.
The future seems bright for yet another Sheffield band, the Magdelaine Cays are full of riffs, licks and kicking drums but haven’t necessarily re invented the cycle, they’ve merely given a good swing in the right direction.

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