Monday, 30 March 2009

Taka Pow EP

Sheffield Uni quartet, Taka Pow, play guilt edged synth pop which threatens to be great in many places. They’ve got that electro sound that captures the spirit of the time but wouldn’t sound out of place in the late 80s.
They’re a perky and pretty sounding band who wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, not really worrying about whose toes they’re treading on while doing so. The vocals are stop start and they stutter throughout, to be quite frank you have a better chance of understanding Morse code amongst the choppy synth and fresh guitar sounds.
They don’t rally a resistance and fail to reach any kind of height, it’s always stuck on cruise control with the buttons broken, it’s sweet but there is no sucker punch. They’ve put together a professional and polished EP but Taka Pow fail to duplicate the substance of song that their sound demands.
It isn’t all bad though, there is something there beneath the generic facade, anyone remember the story of the ugly duckling?

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