Monday, 20 April 2009

Eels - Fresh Blood

Following the critically acclaimed Blinking Lights and Revelations, Mr E and his band, Eels, have returned after a four year absence and this time he has an even bigger beard.

Eels’ latest studio album, 'Hombre Lobo', will be upon us in June preceded by new single Fresh Blood.

It’s a poignant and interesting mix that starts with a haunting beat that chugs into a whisky and cigar saturated  sounding mantra. There’s a slow, creepy stomp allows you to momentarily wallow in a world of self pity ("I’m more alone than I’ve ever been”) until Mr E howls and the chorus shakes into a faster groove.

It’s immensely satisfying and with Tremendous Dynamite also making its debut across the internet, the rivers are once again filling up with a groove so simple and splendid that our slippery little friends must have something to do with it, roll on July 4.

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