Wednesday, 20 May 2009

On the Stereo

1. Tremendous Dynamite - Eels -

2. Small Town Heroes - New Street Adventure -

3. Blood Bank - BonIver -

4. Police $ign - Pop Levi -

5. Girl With the Two Tone Hair - The Magdelaine Cays -

Top tunes

Pop Levi - Police $ign

Following the illustrious pop sensibilities that showered Pop Levi’s previous record, Never Never Love, comes the evil twin that has been hiding in his shadows.
The twin seems to have a fetish for the harder side of the guitar and Levi howls through a concoction of mean licks, thumping kicks and the never to be under-estimated handclaps of doom.
It’s wonderfully glam as Pop Levi has produced something that gets you moving on your seat but it’s hard to know what he’s on about as he frantically shrieks: “police sign, tell me when I give you mine”.
There’s now a newer wave to Pop Levi’s sound and while B side, Terrifying, doesn’t follow the glam stomp of Police $ign, it is a nice trip back to 2002 when nearly every new band rocked as hard as this.

Kasabian - Fire

Kasabian have returned with their third album and new single, Fire.
It’s the follow up to 2006’s Empire which was released to critical acclaim after it reached number nine in the UK charts based on downloads and chart sales alone and only six days of airplay.
Starting in slow, moody fashion it takes a while for Kasabian to get moving and when it does you’re greeted by a synth riff designed in the bowels of purgatory. There’s no spice like there was before and based on this new single, the Leicester based band seem to have lost a bit of menace and bite.
With a chorus of “I’m on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire” and little else, their new track fails to rally you into bizarre dance moves and a desire for a trilby hat like Cutt Off, Shoot the Runner and Club Foot once did but having said that, it’s not offensive and there’s plenty more to come on their new album.
If it carries on in this vein though, it’s only really for the fans.

Fire is released on June 1.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Bob Dylan - Together Through Life

Two years after the release of ‘Modern Times’, Bob Dylan has returned with new offering ‘Together Through Life’. Sounding more and more weather beaten, Dylan croaks and croons his way through ten songs of broken love and longing sounding more and more accomplished, if possible, in parts of a patchy album.
It all sprouted from one song,’ Life is Hard’, which was recorded for Olivier Dahan's forthcoming film, ‘My Own Love Song’. Instead of writing and recording just one song, in true Dylan style Bob went and recorded another nine to complete an album which lacks the tenacity of previous records.
‘Together Through’ life is Dylan’s 33rd studio album and many of the album’s songs are a collaboration with old buddy and ‘Grateful Dead’ lyricist Bill Flanagan. It’s the first time since 1976s’ Desire that Dylan has collaborated so extensively.
It’s opened with the loose and beautifully detached ‘Beyond Here Lie’s Nothin’ in which he crows lavishly “Beyond here lies nothin, nothin we could call our home.” It’s quite the start and matches its predecessor of album openers, Thunder on the Mountain.
It quickly slinks into slow moving and elegant sounding ‘Life is Hard’, an apt choice for a film titled ‘My Own Love Song’ as Dylan sings, “My dreams are locked and barred, admitting life is hard, without you near me.”
The 67 year old is getting gloomy in his old age and ‘If You Ever Go to Houston’ keeps you locked on a porch, swinging softly on a rocking chair, y-fronts and dirty wife beater on show with a lazy sunshine medley of sweat dripping onto you. The rhythm swings two and fro throughout and makes you want to stop dead, wash your garments and go and do something other sit and rock in the repetitive tempo.
‘Jolene’ is much the same and just sort of sits below the par Dylan has set for himself. It’s still got the sense of his previous album and you can feel it in ‘Shake Shake Mama’ but it doesn’t capture your imagination like its forerunner.Either way you look at it, this album has astounding bits of work on it, it’s easy to cope with and your finger doesn’t twitch towards to stop button. There’s enough on here to keep us entertained and we shall all look forward to number 34.

The Dead Weather - Hang you from the Heavens

Jack White’s latest super group has arrived, this time in the form of The Dead Weather. The band features White on drums and vocals, The Killssinger Alison Mosshart on vocals, Queens of the Stone Ages' Dean Fertita on guitar and The Raconteurs Jack Lawrence on bass.
Debut single ‘Hang you from the Heavens’ is down and dirty, it’s got trademark sounds from all involved and conjures dreams of sweat pits and dark rooms with feedback filtering through scuzzy amps and a long haired bands doing it just because they feel like it.
That’s exactly what it is; maybe it’s not best suited for the time and might tear holes in a few skinny jeans and but it certainly makes you want to pick up a guitar and piss off your neighbours.
It’s not for the faint hearted with Mosshart and White screeching, “I’d like to grab you by the hair, and hang you up from the heavens,” but rock n roll never was.
New album ‘Horehound’ is released on July 13th.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Tivoli reveal new video

South Yorkshire based band The Tivoli have revealed the video that will support their debut, double A Side single, Pawns on the Fence and Ballad of the Beauty Queen. The single is set to be released by Shiva Records on June 22.

This follows being the 'most requested band of the month' on Steve Lamacq's In New Music We

Trust Show and their debut appearance on Virgin Radio France.

To check the video out visit