Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kasabian - Fire

Kasabian have returned with their third album and new single, Fire.
It’s the follow up to 2006’s Empire which was released to critical acclaim after it reached number nine in the UK charts based on downloads and chart sales alone and only six days of airplay.
Starting in slow, moody fashion it takes a while for Kasabian to get moving and when it does you’re greeted by a synth riff designed in the bowels of purgatory. There’s no spice like there was before and based on this new single, the Leicester based band seem to have lost a bit of menace and bite.
With a chorus of “I’m on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire” and little else, their new track fails to rally you into bizarre dance moves and a desire for a trilby hat like Cutt Off, Shoot the Runner and Club Foot once did but having said that, it’s not offensive and there’s plenty more to come on their new album.
If it carries on in this vein though, it’s only really for the fans.

Fire is released on June 1.

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