Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Pop Levi - Police $ign

Following the illustrious pop sensibilities that showered Pop Levi’s previous record, Never Never Love, comes the evil twin that has been hiding in his shadows.
The twin seems to have a fetish for the harder side of the guitar and Levi howls through a concoction of mean licks, thumping kicks and the never to be under-estimated handclaps of doom.
It’s wonderfully glam as Pop Levi has produced something that gets you moving on your seat but it’s hard to know what he’s on about as he frantically shrieks: “police sign, tell me when I give you mine”.
There’s now a newer wave to Pop Levi’s sound and while B side, Terrifying, doesn’t follow the glam stomp of Police $ign, it is a nice trip back to 2002 when nearly every new band rocked as hard as this.

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