Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Argon 40 - Stay

It’s fair to say that we’re currently in a synthesizer infested time of dance, angst and has beens.

The stuff that saturates our airwaves is a vogue that has truly captured the spirit of the time - over complicated, expensive and not really that good.

New York duo, Argon 40, have got a task on their hands then. The twosome has truly embraced this spirit in their own spaced out way.

Opening track, Stay, is a brew of stomping 80s electro pop with singer/songwriter Heather Greene’s vocals floating effortlessly over the top. The band make an immediate impression with their lazy brand of clean electro which slips into a stoner paradise of Free Fallin, a dreamy cover of Tom Petty‘s classic that Argon 40 have transformed fluently into their own sound.

While it’s nothing new and relatively unexciting they have displayed that they’re masters of their trade and despite being inoffensive and their nod towards the 80s electro scene is apparent it’s got a fresh feeling that they don’t lose by trying too hard.
Good shit.

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