Monday, 8 June 2009

Blabbermouth - I Return

New kid on the block, Blabbermouth, aka Steve Thompson has returned with new single and as it's written from the perspective of a ghost it seems there is ominous news. "And so I've returned, back from the dead, but it aint the same, got no fingers, no brain, I'm just a sad, cold spirit."
Looks like I'm not going to get any good news from this but it's ok, the rain is pounding from the now morose looking skies to make it a fitting soundtrack.
It's sullen stuff but makes you feel better about your own life as Thompson slowly croons sweetly to the sound of his lone guitar making a case for his so-called war on the mediocrity of the acoustic world by arming himself with the only things he really needs: a guitar and a melody, good ones mind.
With B-side, Death of a Songwriter, carrying on in the same vein and both tracks taken from his forthcoming EP which narrates the life and death of a famous musician, it might well be an interesting buy.
Released June 19th

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