Monday, 8 June 2009

Johnny Foreigner - Feels Like Summer

Birmingham trio Johnny Foreigner are back for the summer with new album and a host of festival slots.
It’s fair to say this taster from their forthcoming album has about as much musical credibility as an infant school orchestra and they’re pretty much grasping at straws throughout.
Their concoction of teen ranting and disjointed punk sensibilities goes on approximately one minute and fifty three seconds too long and the constant “SUM SUMMER SUM SUMMER” makes you wish for the return of rain clouds and the infamous Jack Frost.
The type of tune that will only grace the beaches of New Quay where kids in skinny jeans paint each others faces because they’re ‘out there’ and ‘forward thinking’ but in reality, this song and the moronic facade these kids sport will be washed up and forgotten sooner rather than later.
Released June 22.

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