Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lethal Bizzle - Go Hard

Described as the “most exciting rapper to emerge from the UK underground scene” and with several collaborations already under his belt, Lethal Bizzle, the man once cut off in mid song and called ‘Jizzy Tissue’ by Jeremy Clarkson is back for the release of his third album, ‘Back to Bizznizz’.

The new long player is to feature fresh collaborations including that of in demand producer Mark Ronson and this particular single features Donaeo.

Opening with p-h fat beats and Donaeo telling us “Me I gotta go hard, hard, me I gotta go, for the money” before Bizzle chips in with “Bizzle is back, that’s a warning, third album, back and touring” (thanks for clearing that up.)

You’re not necessarily taken a-back by the acute cleverness we’ve come to expect from Lethal Bizzle despite the tight rapping, synthetic horn section and kicking break beats the track rarely veers from its verse-chorus loop leaving your imagination with a job to do.
Bound for chart success and dance floor grooves.

Released June 29th on Lethal Bizzle Records through Search and Destroy.

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