Wednesday, 24 June 2009

So Wrong It's Right

Guilty pleasures – everyone has them, it’s no different with music. Each and every person has a carefully concealed stinker to their CD or MP3 collection and as some trends come to an end, others start - leaving the predecessor amongst a tousled scene of has beens, dated sounds and an uncertain future – welcome to the world the rest of us live in.

Anyone would like to think that their collection stands above the rest and that their musical taste and knowledge outshines others but there will always be that black sheep, something that doesn’t quite belong where the others rest.

I recently received a grilling for owning the All Saints’ number one single ‘Pure Shores’, released nearly a decade ago as the soundtrack to ‘The Beach’. A song that I still believe is based around sound pop sensibilities, melodies and harmonies was soon shot down in front of my very eyes.

But further interrogation revealed people still wet the bed when ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ by one hit wonders Deep Blue Something gets a rare showing and anyone that still sings “Cut my life into pieces this is my last resort” must indeed be hanging on the edge of a razor blade waiting for someone end their supposed constant misery.

It has to be said that bands like Girls Aloud probably lie in middle aged men’s collection, if not the CDs then the DVDs almost certainly will be, perhaps disguised in the ‘family collection’ or bought for their younger daughter’s birthday but it still gets aired when in the sanctuary of themselves, shifting comfortably in their seat every time a lycra clad Cheryl Cole bends over. Who wouldn’t?

However, we all get immersed in these little scenes that come to light every now and again take the whole population’s judgement for a ride. Look at the Darkness, something so utterly embarrassing that people loved it. Despite being the ugliest fuckers around, people still wanted to shag them, despite being more annoying than fat lass Feltz, people still wanted them around and despite blatantly nicking their best video from Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction’s ‘Prime Mover’ (check it out) they were still the biggest thing that year and they sold a shit load of albums. They must have been doing something right but I bet you can’t find one person that will now turn around and say: “The Darkness? Top band.”

There are also indie snobs that like to take the moral high road in their Topman chic, refusing to publically listen to anything without a guitar, synth or idiotically dressed student begging for attention but when in private and “I’m like a bird” by Nelly Furtardo emerges somewhat unsurprisingly from behind their Franz Ferdinand collection a sticky mess ensues.

Almost as embarrassing as Robbie Williams’ ‘classic’ ‘Angels’ being the fourth most played song at British funerals. Can you imagine leaving the world to that fat faced twat? Oh dear god.

So we all have our hidden secret, something which shouldn’t quite belong in the dark corner of our shelves, something that looks out of place yet it so wonderfully fits in. It should never be removed and despite the amicable torture of piss take that plagues you when you keep the record, let alone when you buy the record, it’s always worth it.

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