Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Dead Weather - Horehound

It’s hard to say where the Dead Weather come from. Apparently they’re from Tennessee but from what I can here, they’ve foraged their way up from the inner circles of hell.

From the lazy chug of ‘No hassle Night’ to the audaciously dirty ‘I Cut Like A Buffalo’ the Dead Weather have broken their very own mould to produce a filthy, stink infested feedback party.

This, for want of a better word, ‘supergroup’ recorded this new effort over the best part of three weeks, leaving very little dubbed and edited. It shows and Mosshart’s cut throat vocal sets the scene for this deeply dark tale of blues.

The slow starting opener, ‘60ft Tall’ takes a little under a minute before it shows it’s rabid face from beneath Mosshart’s drawl – “You’ve got the kind of loving I need constantly.” With its guitar noodling mindlessly beneath, the song is dictated by White’s sticks and when the beat gets going Mosshart’s vocals come out of their shell revealing undercut melodies and a beast from within struggling to release itself.

It comes though and follows with ‘Hang You Up From the Heavens’ which soars through scuzzy amps and not-for-the-feint-hearted wails of “I’d like to take you by the hair, and hang you up from the heavens.”

New single ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’ continues the fashion with a bite as aggressive as a bull terrier, it has the same characteristics too, once it’s got you, it doesn’t let go and is a four minute assault as Mosshart and White duet over Queens of the Stone Ages’ Dean Fertita’s ripped guitar licks.

This is all before they guiltlessly transform Bob Dylan’s lazy, swaying crooner ‘New Pony’ into something quite unlike its original and encapsulates what this band are all about.

It’s striking but scary stuff, it’s all so simple which, to be honest, is totally delightful. These tracks won’t be dictated to and avoid the same old day-to-day verse chorus verse and a couple of catchy lines that people ‘can relate to.’

The Dead Weather have veered off course on their own little adventure and will take you to hell and back if you dare to let them.

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