Wednesday, 8 July 2009

History of Guns - When You Don't Matter/Slice Up Your Wife

I’m scared...never has my finger so dutifully twitched towards the stop button and my ears have never wanted to drop off, grow legs and run away since I first watched Reservoir Dogs.

History of Guns then, I feel slightly out of my depth with these Goth weirdo’s and, quite frankly, I’m glad of this.

New single, ‘When You Don’t Matter’, is a dark and seemingly meaningful trip into a world of despair with little musical substance. The piss poor vocals are obviously meant to come across the way they do but for what reason will always be beyond me.

These guys probably love the fact they’re so creepy and diverse but they are in fact so desperately normal and average and their music really isn’t breaking any boundaries and will only end up on the playlist of Newt from Hollyoaks.

Things go from bad to worse when an adaption of the Spice Girls’ ‘Spice Up Your Life’ comes to fruition on the second track. Astutely renamed ‘Slice Up Your Wife’, the track needs little introduction or explanation but does involve moments of make believe dread when singer, Del Alien (nuff said), amusingly sings “Rip his cock off, burst his spleen, take his eyes out, and all that's in between.”

Plain shouldn’t be allowed.

Released July 20 through Line Out Records.

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