Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Tivoli - Pawns On The Fence

Swaggery can get you anywhere these days and the Tivoli have shit loads of it.

Their long awaited debut single stomps like a leather-clad glam champ on an indie dance floor getting shit-faced on blues and beers.

‘Pawns on the Fence’, taken from debut album ‘National Service’, a middle finger to a life of hard work and shit pay, swirls through a cascade of licks, harmonies and sheer grit demonstrating why the South Yorkshire outfit have been turning heads.

When the song reaches its chorus singer Lee McMahon spits “We’ve been infected and it’s to be suspected, that its life as we know it, that is life as we know it” over a brass section, lifting the song to a level where the cock sure strut belongs.


Released June 29 as a digital download through Shiva Records.

Tom Walton

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