Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Trashcan Sinatras - I Wish You'd Met Her

Trashcan Sinatras have been away for five years and in the mean time they’ve ambled right into the middle of the road, slowly sauntering at their own pace to the next destination.

Turns out they’ve arrived and it’s called ‘I Wish You’d Met Her’, a freewheeling ode that blissfully swings along at a wistful pace encapsulating the mood of a hazy summer evening.

Trashcans surround themselves with luxuriant guitar sounds and intriguing harmonies with the shimmering sun of Scotland beating down on them as they carve out their resting place in the heart of the highway, rarely threatening to leave its asylum (“I’ve put some things behind me, you know, I’ve closed the door quietly, you know.”)
Good deck-chair listening.
Released July 27 through Lo-Five Records.

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