Thursday, 6 August 2009

JET - She's A Genius

After a couple of years in obscurity, Aussie rockers JET have come around again to light up our lives with big chorus’s and regurgitated rock n roll of the highest calibre.

Their second album, ‘Shine On’, peaked at number 13 in the UK charts and struggled to match its predecessor, ‘Get Born’, both critically and financially.
With thudding beats and pokey riffs JET release a smile to the sultry faces of our suburban sub-culture handing them a lifeline and a ticket to an all night party.

It aint clever and it certainly isn’t perfect but these rock n roll grooves are meant for little else than a good knees up as Cester’s trademark scream gives an old school and massive vibe to the chorus: “That girls a genius oh a oh oh oh oh, I think she’s serious oh a oh oh oh oh”.

JET’s third studio album ‘Shaka Rock’ is set to be released on August 25.

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