Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Myspace Watch - Skeletons and the Empty Pockets

A ruckus is going down and Skeletons are the cause.

Having met at a karate lesson “many years ago” this concoction of rock n roll and sing-along chorus’ chops through airwaves with an aggressive undertone showing that these boys have got some intent.

Debut single, ‘Oh Brother! Oh Sister’ is an assault on your ears as they rip through a colossal chorus: “Oooooh brother! Bring on the bad weather. Oooooh sister, pull yourself together, let me go, oh baby let me go” through cruising guitars, tapping keys and kicking drums.

You can feel their pop influences creeping into their tunes despite their dominating slap-dash rock approach and it becomes more apparent on demo ‘Pack The Suitcase’ which bops along amiably until you reach another chorus of large proportions: “So please please please, let me be, let me show you the way.”

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