Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Simian Mobile Disco - Temporary Pleasure

When the ashes of Simian collected to form Simian Mobile Disco in 2005 there was an excitement in the air. Their under achieving first outfit lacked cutting edge despite producing the excellent ‘Here It Comes’ and have since been making their new projects work for them with serious vengeance.

The DJing/production duo gained acclaim for their remixes, including Muse, Air, Armand Van Helden, The Kills and The Go! Team and were known to make dance music for the indie kids as their blip-bop electro tripped and kicked to funky beats.

‘Temporary Pleasure’ is their second studio album and comes two years after their first, ‘Attack Decay Sustain Release’ and the two records have sandwiched a live album (‘Live In Japan’) and a remix album (‘Sample And Hold’.)

There are many notable collaborations that the duo have brought in for their second effort including face, belly and mouth the Gossip, Beth Ditto, and band whore Gruff Rhys but despite this, Simian Mobile Disco have created something isolated and soulless.

Despite high profile work with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Mystery Jets they’ve failed to grab inspiration and move into something with a bit more substance as the album follows the same tact throughout with little to separate its mindless synth and sloth like chug than a few noteworthy melodies.

‘Cream Dream’ stands out in a colourful, glow stick-clad crowd as Gruff Rhys’ floaty vocal opens on a pleasant pop note: “She was a recreational, motivational, inspirational sun. An international, theoretical experiment that didn’t go wrong,” and lead single ‘Audacity Of Huge’ (feat. Chris Keater) has huge dance floor grooves.

Beth Ditto then stamps her trademark yowl onto ‘Cruel Intentions’ before the album starts to fall away in a predictable, monotonous manner.

To be fair (and we must be fair) it’s pleasant in the right context and there are dance floor fillers hidden amongst the continued 80s electro revival, it’s just laden with a continuous synth drawl that begs your ears to bleed if you’re going to listen to it as a whole. Of course, this might be what they want...

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