Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Victorian Gentlemens Club - Watching the Burglars

This is jungle music for the city dwellers. The Victorian English Gentlemens Club, known for their disjointed art-rockin ramblings, try to make you hate them in every way but win you over with their haphazard hybrid of noise.

With a reshuffled line up (they’ve expanded from a three piece to a four) and after a significant absence, the band have retained their unique all over the place sound and “I’ll do what the fuck I want” attitude.

Taken from their new album, ‘Love On An Oil Rig’, ‘Watching The Burglars’ is a scatty and audacious romp of new wave sounds and backwards pop ideals to charm and harm as they ring “fire, ice and everything they throw at you” in a chorus that has way more punch than Judy.

Released 10/8/9 and new album, ‘Love On An Oil Rig’ released 7/9/9 through This Is Fake DIY Records.

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