Tuesday, 15 September 2009

JET - Leeds Met University - 12/9/9

People fall in and out of love all the time; it’s no different with bands. When you’re in, you’re untouchable but once the shimmering lights of a dazzling first album leave your horizons to be replaced with the infamous ‘second album syndrome’, it’s easy to be forgotten.

JET lie in a place where they will never lose the diehard side of a loyal fan base but have the uphill task of winning back the doubters and loveless parade of haters who will cast aside latest acquisition ‘Shaka Rock’ into a pile labelled “to be forgotten.”

But even the biggest sceptics would have little bones to pick out of JET as a live band; there is an electricity in the air as the evening is kicked off by Detroit Social Club who are in tantalizing form. Their union of riff heavy and thunderous harmonies reverberates with a glare of spirit and ‘Sunshine People’ gets the gyrating crowd limbered up in sterling style.

As the opening chords of ‘Get Me Outta Here’ ring out and JET take to the stage the venue turns into a sweat box, alive with malice and foreboding and the packed house positively bounces when latest single ‘She’s A Genius’ pops with a ferocity that has been sorely missed.

They play through favourites from ‘Get Born’ and ‘Shine On’ with the set only displaying a sprinkling from their latest offering which shows that JET are unashamed of what got them here and that they still have the nous to give a crowd exactly what they want.

“We haven’t played this song for a while, but it’s got the word ‘yeah’ in 16 times, fuckin count them if you want,” pans Cester as they rip into the opening sequence to ‘Take It Or Leave It’ which is received rapturously before they slow the game down and guitarist Cam Muncey takes the vocals for ‘Come Around Again’ and Cester’s harmonies carry the track to a level that only the lead singer is seemingly capable of doing: he takes on most of the lead guitar work, curls the most larynx shredding screams and sweats to a point where you think he might just disappear.

Disappear is a word that is becoming more and more regular when JET are mentioned but with live shows like this, that get down to your bone and make you remember where it’s from and what it’s for, they’ll always have their place.

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