Friday, 11 September 2009

JET - Shaka Rock

It’s hard to believe it was six years ago that the highly hyped ‘saviours of rock n roll’, JET, shifted three and a half million copies of their debut album, ‘Get Born’.

They were so refreshingly old but new and done but not finished with an infectious heartbeat that made ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ a dance floor certainty and to this day, a radio regular. The Aussie band grew a diehard fan base due to their calculated brash rock assault, and the fact that they played over two hundred shows in 2003. It took them a lengthy three years to release ‘Shine On’ which never locked onto the same party roll of rock that ‘Get Born’ set them on and it’s taken yet another three years to arrive at album number three.

‘Shaka Rock’ is the work of a band who know exactly where they are and what they are, this isn’t spectacular stuff but its good time rock in fine form. Jet seem refreshed on opener, KIA (Killed In Action) and despite some questionable lyrics (“I went to the market to fill up my heart, now I’m in a coma, state of art”) they swagger in the same way they did before the follow up to their debut.

After mutterings of cliché, constant comparisons and crass judgements, JET are seemingly a band on the brink, with a whole load of critics who lick their lips at the sheer chance to name drop bands from yesteryear in JET's wake whilst thinking how clever they’ll look when ripping this band to pieces. But JET just don’t give a shit, they’re in it for the good time and why not? What is the point in getting lost in a world that wants something 'forward thinking' and becoming an over complicated cynic that takes themselves far too seriously? This isn’t a band that plays to break boundaries but a band that plays in the true spirit of the game they’re in, and that alone wins them affection.

There are miserable moments with ‘Seventeen’, lowering the tone and should be left alone but their balls return for ‘Start The Show’ which closes with Cester’s yowls of “We can roam, rock n soul, you know what time it is to start the show, ladies and gentlemen, we’re ready to go, you know what time it is, start the show” amongst chopped and fuzzed guitars and cow bells with such feedback and stench that last night’s party returns with vivid memories.

‘She’s A Genius’ and ‘Black Hearts (On Fire)’ are notable amongst others as the Melbourne quartet return to rock with soul, just with less of the roll, you’ll love it or hate it but that was always the way with JET.

Released September 7.

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