Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Jo Hamilton - Pick Me Up

With roots in Kenya, Jamaica and Cambodia amongst others, Jo Hamilton, the wandering highland Scot led the life of a traveller in her childhood.

The classically trained musician (who specializes with the viola) was brought up in a house “two miles from the nearest neighbour” and joined her parents who spent periods in six different countries.

Parts of new single, ‘Pick Me Up’ (taken from debut album, ‘Gown’) reveal the roaming side to her character and the union of computers and soul has rarely been achieved so well.

Hamilton has created something radiant and spiritual with ‘Pick Me Up’, there are psychedelic borders and she has a voice that wisps somewhat faithfully to combine electronica and folk defiantly yet elegantly.

Right on the money.

Released October 10, Poseidon Records.

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