Thursday, 17 September 2009

Matt and Kim - Daylight

This is Brooklyn’s destructive dance duo’s second single from their second album, ‘Grand’, and by going on this amalgamation of twee keys and poor to the core vocal work, it’s a wonder they’ve got this far.

They’re known for their small shows in apartments and warehouses around their hometown area but their borderline anthemic pop ideals are misplaced despite their growing popularity. They will no doubt get the cool kids on the underground in a rather unfortunate muddle but the plastic playground pop probably has a limited shelf life.

It’s noisy and doesn’t ring with the sugar-coated snap that their peers possess leaving Matt and Kim with a sparse, garage hum that needs Nurofen to accompany an unforgiving drone of: “in the daylight we can hitchhike to Maine, I hope that someday I will see without these frames.”

Perky but poor.

Released September 28 by Fader Label.

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