Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Daytrotter EP

Folk rogue Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is surrounded by cliché. Despite the negativity that surrounds this word and the fact it quietly follows bands and artists round like a nasty bout of Chlamydia it sometimes adds spice, and at the end of the day what would the world be like without it?

The back story of Robinson is littered with alcohol, drugs, homelessness and regret. Knocking around the harsh streets of New York eating out of rubbish bins, scraping pennies together to buy whisky and bags of class As may not be the top-end and most advisable part of rock n roll cliché but undoubtedly sits in there.

Robinson perhaps lets us in on his previous life with the EPs second track, ‘There Will Be Mud’. As it slowly stirs to life he gently slurs “coming up fast on a slow decline, you got it wrong, everything is yours not mine, you got it wrong, singing along,” and despite pretty keyboards and clean guitar sounds there is an underlying darkness that seeps through.

This EP is raw which is the most important part about it and it's embellished with raspy vocals and clean folk sounds to make Robinson stand out on his own, he has mastered the scatty folk scrawl despite some sticky moments: at times Robinson loses the purpose of his voice (check out ‘Boat’) and the gravelly vocal tones turn to expected spells of anguish as he forgets himself and literally screams and groans into his own melancholy, sapping the life out of something that is actually quite beautiful.

Parts of this EP contend with Robinson’s rather excellent 2008 debut, ‘Buriedfed’, and in spite of an admirable ‘You Ain’t Going Nowhere’ cover it loses itself in its own unapparent sadness.

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