Monday, 19 October 2009

The Chapman Family - Virgins

Released October 19th through Electric Toaster.

Having being picked in NME’s top ten acts to watch out for in 2009 there have been eyes and ears waiting for something special from Tee side band The Chapman Family.

They boldly declared that they formed their band in 2006 because they were “fed up of hearing bands that sounded like fuck all like anything,” giving themselves the already dutiful task of feeding our ears with something of substance and making us forget the watered down tripe that dominates radio and television.

It’s difficult to get excited about this lot and the saturated paranoia of vocalist Kingsley Chapman’s delivery is no more enticing than a bag of ants (“the more I give, the less you take, the more you give, the less I take away.”)

The dynamic musicianship occasionally glares with promise and the transition from a moody backdrop to something altogether more epic is done smoothly but lacks the shrewdness they seem to believe they deliver.

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