Friday, 30 October 2009

The Dead Weather - Leeds Academy - 23/10/9

The leather is out and the gloves are off. The Dead Weather are in town on their stint of the UK and the good people of Leeds are tingling all the way down to their loins with the anticipation of tonight’s show.

There’s enough tension in the air to cut with the bluntest of instruments and they begin ‘60ft Tall’ with the haunting whisper of Alison Mosshart leaving a stamp of how they mean to go on, with serious intent.

They move straight into ‘Hang You Up From The Heavens’ without so much as a word and Mosshart is already in full flow, slinging herself between monitor tops with a look on her face that shows she means it, who knows what it actually is, but she’s being driven on a journey that is pleasuring and torturing in equal measure.

As the rest of the band follow Mosshart’s lead, they’re in full flow and it’s inexplicable that Dean Fertita’s fingers aren’t bleeding down to the bone as the Queens Of The Stone Age’s guitarist shreds his axe with monstrous riffs and when the time calls he slips off to his organ on the side of the stage when the appropriate moment arises while Jack White starts to lay down the law with his stripped back drum kit and Jack Lawrence rocks out like a 70s dad.

As White meanders his way to the front of the stage the crowd are lifted to the next level and his wailing guitars remind you exactly why this guy is at the top of his game. He fits in anywhere on a stage and in any band he graces, a man who will surely go down in rock folklore as one of the, if not the greatest musician of our era.

It’s loud from start to finish and congeals all of the finer things in life (feedback, licks and screams) into one blisteringly flashy and raucous set. This band are a towering spectacle on the live stage with no reservations about where they want to go and with a new album rumoured to already be in the making, they could be onto something very special indeed.

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