Friday, 30 October 2009

Johnny Foreigner - Grace And The Bigger Picture

Released October 25 through Best Before Records

After a summer of success on the festival circuit and revelling in their overnight triumph of 2008, Johnny Foreigner, much to their credit, are back just one year later with follow up ‘Grace And The Bigger Picture.’

This is a band that are sticking to their guns, they haven’t progressed too much from their first long player, if anything only making their rambunctious rally of unruly rock shorter and more to the point.

They spin tales of life on the road (‘I Woke Up On A Beach In Aberystwyth’) but soon become repetitive on their one dimensional, nonstop ride of noise.

They shine through in ‘I’ll Choose My Side And Shut Up, Alright’ showing that they can actually play their instruments and sing in tune, they just choose not to, much to their own long-term detriment.

Johnny Foreigner are a band that will go out of fashion as fast as their hair cuts leaving blurry visions of the Welsh coast and their challenging yet un-authoritative back catalogue a mere memory.

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