Friday, 30 October 2009

Nine Black Alps - Sheffield Leadmill - 27/10/9

It has been four years since Nine Black Alps released their debut ‘Everything Is’ and since then they haven’t moved far. They’ve reached album number three and ‘Locked Out From The Inside’ has failed to duplicate, let alone stretch what they originally presented to the world back in 2005.

Tonight they hit Sheffield’s Leadmill, demoted to the smaller ‘Steel Stage’, to entertain with their riff heavy, growled out take on rock and its plain to see Nine Black Alps have work to do.

With a crowd around 150 strong starting the night with them, they finish to more like 100, fail to impress with their newer songs and for the majority of this gig, sound like an unsigned band. Not necessarily a bad thing you may think but for a band that has been on the block for nearly half a decade there is little to show they’ve been doing their homework.

They show flashes of brilliance with the infectious, raw rockin' ‘Unsatisfied’ and ‘Not Everyone’ but their latest offerings, particularly the opener (‘Vampire In The Sun') from this month’s release seem watered down and the crowd has to wait for finisher ‘Shot Down’ to be riled out of their slumber.

It’s a shame to see a band slowly fall out of favour and appear to have fallen out of love with what they’re doing. They’ve not moved an inch since their debut, apart from a couple of steps backwards and unless their direction and song writing is re-assessed they will continue to play to an ever waning audience.

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