Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tigers That Talked - Artificial Clouds

Released 19/10/9 through Bad Sneakers

There has been much chit chat about Leeds folksters Tigers That Talked, they’re popular with Steve Lamacq and Zane Lowe with various others also giving them the nod and freely play their misery tinged pop whinge.

Taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘The Merchant’, ‘Artificial Clouds’ looks at love on the other side of the coin, when it delves into the darkness with a power that can kill a person from the inside, or something like that anyway.

This is the kind of music that your dad gets excited about, it’s well executed, clean and easy on the ear but the problem here is that it sits in its own idiosyncratic melancholy feeling sorry for itself and although it grows with each listen it sits in its own desolate gloom: “So I’m falling apart without you, I’ll paint a symphony for you, watch clouds fly, artificial clouds, when death came, I tried to comfort her.”

Don’t believe the hype.

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