Sunday, 6 December 2009

Jace Everett - Red Revelations

For anyone who has watched hit series ‘True Blood’ then you will be familiar with Jace Everett’s work. The mucky, blues stomp that is the intro to the intriguing vampire series has a rockabilly swing that is as infectious as it is dark and rose to number 51 in the UK charts after the opening few episodes of the cult television programme.
‘Red Revelations’ is Everett’s third album in as many years and is a raw unblemished chug dipped in raw sentiment. There are moments in this infused blues country melancholy where you feel Everett reveals a glam side to his persona but it has to be said, this isn’t party music.

The emotion slowly drips from Everett’s sleeve in ‘Burn For You’ but isn’t steeped in self obsessed rambles and whinges, it just slowly ticks along in a dark underworld of blues before it is somewhat uninterestingly lifted into the real world with the more chirpy cheeseball swing of ‘More To Life (C’Mon C’Mon)’.

While Everett maintains an air of mystery running through ‘Red Revelations’ it feels like it has been switched into cruise control but when it shifts up a gear to allows the swampy rockabilly holler through, you feel like you’ve hit a winning streak.

It has to be said that the song which has catapulted this singer songwriter to well known heights is the stand out track here. ‘Bad Things’ makes you want to pick up a guitar, move to the deep south and dabble with the supernatural but it doesn’t feel out of place or like a bonus track, it’s well in keeping with the rest of the album which is well worth a gander.

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