Friday, 29 January 2010

Top tips for 2010

Firstly, my many apologies to anyone who gives a solitary shit about this blog or anyone who might actually read it, I haven't been posting much over the last few months due to the combination of a computer virus, laziness and university but the posts will become regular once more.

As it's a new year,  I've turned a new leaf and have decided to make this page more personal, to give a more genuine or traditional blog feel, there won't be any self indulgent shit explaining how I need to find myself or ignorantly expressing how I hate the way my life has panned out but there will be a personal element in the form of off the cheeseboard rant fests and more frequent updates on what is catching my ear or eye.

So to begin this new leaf I will leave you with a list of acts to keep your eye on in the near future, bands or artists that are daring to be themselves and rarely involve a fucking synth.....

The revival of electro 80s rock and the emergence of a new rave scene dominated 2009 but the new year looks set to see the return of folk and having recorded their debut album with Bob Clearmountain (Springsteen), Doncaster's the Wallbirds look set steal the 2010 summer with their raspy motown folk. The trio only played a handful of dates towards the back end 2009 but with fans in high places and a set of killer tunes, this year looks set to be a good one for these Yorkshire boys.
Check out : The Avenue, Eight O'Clock Blues

Swedish sisters, Klara & Johanna Söderberg who make up First Aid Kit grabbed our attention in 2009 with their EP, 'Drunken Trees' which they follow up this month with their universally lauded debut, 'The Big Black And The Blue'. The album preceeds a lengthy European tour which will surely be followed by a large backlogue of folky festival fun.
Check out: You're Not Coming Home Tonight, Hard Believer

 LA whingebags the Romany Rye have also gained friends in high places with Kings of Leon guitarist Matthew Followhill telling NME that they're one of his tips for 2010, and rightly so. Their stripped back recordings on their myspace page radiate a folky glow and while they remain unsigned for the now, they will undoubtedly turn heads as the year goes by.
Check out: Dear Holly, Old Soul

Birmingham mod trio New Street Adventure are heading back to the studio in February and coming back "with more heart and soul than ever before" which is an exciting prospect as their soul infected commentaries continue to win over crowds in the south. You can catch them at Manchester's Friend of Mine festival on 30 January and Fiddler's Elbow in London on 12 February.
Check out: Fate Britain, Be Somebody

Multi instrumentalist, Mayer Hawthorne looks set for a busy 2010 with a long US tour due to kick off at the start of March and a superb debut album, 'A Strange Arrangement' already under his belt. A retro soul feel gushes through the entirety of the album and sunny times seem to be upon Hawthorne with hype continuing to build and the Detroit Metro Times claiming he was "the fastest rising pop star in America."
Check out: One Track Mind, Just Aint Gonna Work Out

There's nothing like getting back to some old school roots and London siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis get back to where everything came from with their rockabily blues swing and smokey vocals. It's an excellent snap shot of the 50s and their debut album included eight covers and two originals meaning that there's a lot more to come from this sprightly trio.
Check out: Buggin' Blues, Mean Son Of A Gun

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