Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Maverick Sabre - Sometimes


Released 15 Feb 2010
Impala Records

This London born Irish songwriter has been round the block over the last year. He’s been on the same bills as Plan B, Speech Debelle and Natty on top of other high profile appearances which has resulted in debut single, ‘Sometimes.’
It’s a soulful ride which touches upon childhood dreams and days gone by as the singer/songwriter straddles different genres throughout. The simple acoustic guitar, backed only with a drum beat provides an organic base from which Sabre intelligently crosses different lines with his vocal giving a distinct urban feel to his music.
Sabre laments more youthful days when the song reaches its chorus: “Sometimes we go and forget where we came from,” before taking a slightly more caustic line when he spits: “I hate the Union Jack, I won’t speak for any man or any flag,” to darken the tone of a song full of character.
Undoubtedly one to watch.

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