Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Kah - MoreThan Dawn

Released March 22
Joy Lane Music

This electronica laden London singer/songwriter is a woman in charge. She’s currently dusting herself down after writing, recording and producing everything on her debut album ‘More Than Dawn’, with the aid of coffee and Absinth.
With the new ‘forward thinking’ wave of artists given the nod by the Mercury Awards and gaining chart liberty there is undoubtedly space for the subtle grace that reins Kah superior to her competitors.
While electronica may be the buzz word surrounding this album, it’s more of a pastiche that spans through many different genres, something which can often create the stuttering effect. This, however, is not the case with ‘More Than Dawn’ as Kah links the many different tributaries with elegant melodies that find their counterpoint in the singer’s voice and run alongside the interesting array of beats and sounds that accompany them.
It’s not all grandeur as ‘More Than Dawn’ sometimes slips away and reveals it to be the bedroom record that it is. Debut single ‘Goose Girl’ (an inexplicable choice) is a monotonous crawl while ‘Dragonfly Boy’ follows in the same fashion and occasionally falls into the stop start trap.
The good moments far outweigh the bad ones though and ‘July Song’ is filled with summer vibes as Kah croons: “There’s no place in this song for the blues, there’s no place in this song for your bad muse, there’s no place in this song for wheres and whys,” while opener ‘Wanting To Be Haunted’ rings with medieval strings, juiced up with beats for modern day consumption.
‘More Than Dawn’ provides you with a real sense of being, it’s emotive and haunting and when it falls, it merely picks itself back up again. All in all, it’s really rather good.

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