Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Matthew Glenn Thompson - The Garden and the Arcade

Released March 15

Teddev Music/ASCAP
In a world where mediocrity is generally celebrated and the likelihood of being forgotten is ever on the increase, Matthew Glenn Thompson should fit in just fine.
Thompson’s debut UK album ‘The Garden and the Arcade’ has all the pop sensibilities you would expect from someone who honed his abilities in cover bands and his debut stinks of cliché and teen film soundtracks from the off.
While there is little to offend the ears (produced by Casey Diiorio – Bowling For Soup, Deep Blue Something) and has epic moments between the laboriously dull ones, there is also little to keep you interested as the chorus from opening track ‘End Of The Parade’ rings “Vision comes and you’re still debating, and all the time we spend excavating,” to make the whole thing sound rather Del Amitri, without the Del, and the couple of songs they did that were any good.
It doesn’t get too much better from the Memphis born songwriter and although it does relieve sweet sentiment on occasion it’s just doesn’t make up for the ground that’s lost in the chorus of ‘January day’ (“Feeling good, feeling great, lost the anchor on a January day.”)
After sharing bills with Bowling For Soup, the Goo Goo Dolls, Deep Blue Something and playing over 700 shows in the last four years there is no doubt that Matthew Glenn Thompson will tickle a few people’s fancy, just be prepared to set up camp in the middle of the road.


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