Friday, 16 April 2010

Anané - Ananésworld

Released April 5, Nervous Records

If you’re one for the summer sun and you revel in your holiday dancing shoes, you need to get your Anané out. This Cape Verdean singer’s New York dipped dance pop gets rather good in parts and after an emotional version of Yoko Ono’s ‘Walking On Thin Ice’, the Wailer spiced breaks of ‘Plastic People’ and a rootsy Caribbean percussion chill out in ‘Bern Ma Mi’ it seems like you might be on to a winner with this one.

It’s when you enter the second phase of this album that it becomes a little suspect and the watered down dance floor beats of the monotonous jingle bound ‘My Sexy Way' has the vigour of a Full English munching Magaluf monster, and some more as Anané whispers: “You make me lose control, you try to stop but I want more, I need to feel you inside, coz it’s the thing to do, it’s be giving it to you.”

No wonder husband, producer and Grammy Award winner Louie Vega “tapped her as an integral member of his Elements of Life Collective.”

As it continues an unwelcome cover of ‘Love To Love You Baby’ rears its head while ‘Shake It’ borrows the music from level 3 of Super Mario to sadly make it very much a two part show. As Ananésworld delves deeper into the 15 songs the divide becomes more defined, with one side displaying emotion, soul and intelligence and the other showing how the clutches of the mainstream can render the most talented useless.

It’s clear that her work here is not done though and with appearances at Montreux Jazz Festival and an acclaimed performance in front of 140 million people worldwide at the Super Bowl XLII pre-game show, there is a part of Anané ready for domination; the other part just needs to remember why.

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