Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Black Keys - Brothers

Released May 17 by V2 Records
It has been nearly ten years since the feedback started and nothing much has changed for the Black Keys.
‘Brothers’ is their eighth studio album and after relenting their remorselessly raw basement blues and whipping some of the frayed edges when teaming up with Danger Mouse for 2008’s ‘Attack And Release’, the Ohio duo have continued the trend with ‘Brothers’, choosing to keep the edges just a shade neater.
It’s still not a far cry from  the basement sessions of ‘The Big Come Up’ and ‘Thickfreakness’ with the hip grinding blues groove remaining in the rootsy opener of ‘Everlasting Light’ which chugs and swings with a soul swept falsetto dignity. Twitches of sleazy synth glam up the mix of ‘Howlin’ For You’ and the sorrow seeps through in ‘Too Afraid To Love’ as Auerbach moans: “I’m ringing myself dry and I can’t afford to lose another tear drop from my eye.”
Despite the similar connotations that surround them there is ingenuity with the Black Keys and they continue to do things their way which makes it all very refreshing .They haven’t strayed from the sound they’ve rubber stamped on our minds; it’s still garage rock and it’s still blues, just in a different way, the Black Keys way.

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