Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Applicants – Escape From Kraken Castle

Released June 7
Tigertrap Records

It’s the second coming for this brat pack bunch of punk poppers.
Fed up of the regurgitated takes on songs and scenes gone by with bands apparently forgetting what punk is all about, Applicants claim to be fighting the good fight by bringing their music to the bare bones with their unruly blend of punk and game boy synth.
It’s a tall order and the teeny-bop pretence isn’t lost in the opening slapdashery of ‘Schoolchildren Of Japan’ or the teen tale of heartbreak in ‘Evelyn Waugh’ where Paul Blades (the male contingent of their dual sex vocal pairing) gushes: “I watched you walking home once and to the library, I’d have told you how I felt but the sign said quiet please,” to single handedly resurrect the spirit of ‘76 while putting them right up there with punk’s lyrical elite, not.
It certainly is one for the school days and the raucous guitar hooks try in vain to save what’s lost through poor vocal work and schizophrenic sounds that create an abundance of irritants that luckily dislodge themselves from your head at the push of a button, leaving no lasting damage.
The resplendent chug to the opening verse of ‘Obey eBay’ gives them a brief wind of composure before its chorus once again gives the game away by falling into the same derivative gutter punk that they believe sets them apart from the copy-mongers and wannabe scenesters.
It doesn’t.

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