Thursday, 3 June 2010

Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade

Released June 7

Pias Records
When it was announced that Skye Edwards would be returning to the Morcheeba fold in February the most chilled ripple of anticipation fell over anybody that had previously picked up one of their records featuring the angelic singer.
Since departing because of personal reasons way back in 2002 the Godfrey brothers have reinstated their original vocalist to grand effect and ‘Blood Like Lemonade’ displays all the reasons why Morcheeba’s laid back charm has led to them becoming the multi-million selling darlings of down tempo.
Opening with ‘Crimson’s’ incandescent rays of summer sun and the soulful sounds of new single ‘Even Though’,  the homecoming of Edwards opens up new roads for Morcheeba all over again with the super chilled melodies taking over the songs once more.
Soothing bouts of harp accompanied blues give the sliding swing of ‘Mandala’ a shining prominence and the trip hop beats of ‘Easier Said Than Done’ add another dimension to the shape of an enticingly loose LP.
The headlines and talk will be of the return of Skye Edwards but nothing should be taken away from the brothers Godfrey, the production and song creation remains unequivocal and entrancing  making this one of the soundtracks to the summer.

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