Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Winter Olympics – Attention All Departments/They Launched A Probe

June 14

Office Rock Records
It’s taken nearly eight years for the impression to come but The Winter Olympics have made it and are causing quite a fuss in doing so.
With this double single taken from their long awaited debut album, a message of purpose is the order of the day for this London four piece and the opening dalliances of synth are cut out by raucous guitar stomps and vocal howls of “attention all departments, attention all departments, we’re going to a party, it’s going to be amazing” before [singer] Wagstaff announces: “We’re going to get retarded on cheap champagne.”
Their big time rock has gained them admiring glances and Donald Clark (Guns N Roses) is responsible for the mix that does indeed lead you to believe that this band are further on than they actually are.
It all gets a little bizarre in ‘They Launched A Probe’ which edges towards pink leather jacket cock rockery with talk of aliens accompanied by slow synth break downs to leave question marks over what might have been.
Maybe it’s that champagne.

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