Monday, 26 July 2010

Stephen Dale Petit – The Crave

Universal Music

Released July 26

After the hugely acclaimed debut of 2008’s ‘Guitararama’ Stephen Dale Petit and his innovative blend of blues are back to test the water with the more commercial offering of ‘The Crave.’

With ferocious blues assaults on classics by Robert Johnson (‘Cross Road Blues’) and Little Willie John (‘Need Your Love So Bad’) Petit is once again on fine form and backed with a band so tight you can’t see the stitching that knits them together.

While it may hold more mainstream moments (maybe trying to lure new audiences and take Petit to the world) with 2 Pac and Dr Dre’s ‘California’ being an example, there’s also more in the way of vocals, a skill of Petit’s that doesn’t shine quite as brightly as his expert fret wankery. He is however backed with the more than capable pipes of Angela Brooks who keeps the vocals vaguely on par with the highly skilled band who have created the perfect advertisement for Petit’s ‘New Blues revolution’.

With the notable guitar skills on display it’s with credit that ‘The Crave’ doesn’t get lost in endless solos and instrumental excess. The grand range of what’s on offer is endearing with the slide and hilly billy moments of ‘Lookin For Trouble’ being as welcome as the raucous ride of opener ‘3 Gun Slingers.’

The revolution continues.


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