Thursday, 9 September 2010

Kings of Leon find some soul...and lose some

Check out Kings Of Leon's new single 'Radioactive' from their forthcoming fifth album 'Come Around Sundown'.

It's gospel rock and the Followill clan are clearly making a statement of who they are and where they're from, they're from the south and they're making no bones about it.

Aside from the loving sentiments and the good times that have been had by all this is clearly not Kings Of Leon at their best. They're taking their grand ideas  one step further and the soul that spills from the gospel isn't necessarily a bad thing for them, in fact it's rather good but the little something that made them so damn tasty once upon a time now seems to be be more and more diluted, there just isn't that something in this that makes you truly excited. Oh yeah and the video cringe factor is cranked up to maximum.Not ideal.

That's a grower....

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