Monday, 6 September 2010

The Megaphonic Thrift - A Thousand Years Of Deconstruction

Released September 6

Deadly People Records

On the west coast of Norway lies the idyllic city of Bergen, a place that has introduced the world to some of the finer shades of the Scandinavian pop scene.

With Kings of Convenience, R√łyksopp and Ida Maria all paying their dues in Norway’s second largest city, it’s now the turn of The Megaphonic Thrift to set tongues wagging and bring yet more musical credentials to north Europe.

Labelled as something of a ‘supergroup’, The Megaphonic Thrift have borrowed from Casiokids, the Low Frequency In Stereo and Stereo 21 to form a hard working touring machine that are setting souls alight with their angular riffage, hi-speed drums and garage rock credentials.

It’s with a bang that ‘A Thousand Years Of Deconstruction’ begins as ‘Acid Blues’ rings with heavily reverbed guitars that take no prisoners while the lazy understated vocals stop the party from getting too out of hand.

‘Exploding Eyes’ relents the pace slightly, though not enough to make you sit back and sip your tea (see ‘Every Time, (Oxygen’,) as the band begin to display what they do best with a mix of fast drumming and plucky, aired out guitars that start to lift them to the heights they’re searching for.

What’s difficult about this EP and this band in general is the previously mentioned undercooked vocals. Although the muffled out of tune angst keeps the chaos in control and gives them another stamp to many of the likeminded bands that sit before them,  there’s nothing inspiring, nothing to get a grip on and nothing that sets them apart.

The ideas are grand and the anthemic moments are regular but The Megaphonic Thrift don’t quite manage turn on the bright lights. 'A Thousand Years Of Deconstruction' has ambition and promise written all over it, it’s just not quite enough to put them in Bergen’s hall of fame just yet.

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  1. Just listen to their debut album Decay Decoy!
    One of 2010 best albums.
    It sounds a lot like Sonic Youth but a Sonic Youth in good shape. Recommended !