Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dan Korn - Dustbowl EP

Released October 25 
Harrison Music

When Dan Korn came of age he discovered Delta Blues
, Bob Dylan and began the humbling experience of learning guitar and dropping out, an important aspect of today’s modern rock star CV.

After writing poetry and prose throughout much of his childhood and taking the influences of long ago, much of Korn’s first original EP is simple, timeless and varied.

There are many different faces to the 'Dustbowl EP' with 40s jaunty jazz and slide guitar gracing the opening title track as Korn idly croons: “Dustbowl black hole in Oklahoma such a sorry scene and it’s killing me and it’s killing me,” before things get a bit more serious: “There’s a man in a bank to thank with a gut gone round and a worried frown, I’m going to put that man in the ground,” as he pays tribute to the lives of family Joad in Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes Of Wrath.

Kinked sunsets and a warming awareness of Britain’s rock heritage are ever apparent in the tumbling chorus of ‘Song For Syd’, Korn’s own tribute to one of his ultimate heroes, Syd Barrett, while Like A Dove’ begins with acoustic guitar and more of Korn’s fresh faced vocals before thundering riffage and crashing drums accompany the singer/songwriter’s declaration of love: “I told her I love and I’ll tell her I love her again. I may never recover I may never recover.

As ‘Lost Love Shanty’ wraps up this impressive offering with laid back vibes and precious harmonies it’s clear to see that Dan Korn has his eye on the ball and can crack the whip of several genres.

'Dustbowl EP' pays tribute to love, influence and literature and could well pave the way for future glory.

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