Friday, 15 October 2010

Colour Of Sound - When

Out Now

Red Grape Records

It’s the debut album for this four piece from Newport and with glowing reviews already behind them plus the likes of Phil Brown and Calum MacColl (Bob Marley, the Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck and Kirsty MacColl collectively)working behind the scenes, the future already looks fairly bright.

Despite their back room credentials Colour of Sound labour as they begin with the oddly placed ‘Take This Ride’ and take a wee while to find their feet. When the ball does begin to roll it tumbles into the Deep South as accomplished four way harmonies cast spells to a bluesy rocking chair chug.

It’s a far from chipper start and the tone changes to soulful rock balladry with ‘Open Room,' all thoughts of blues behind them as ‘Colour Of Sound’ cracks the same limp wristed whip with vocalist Rod da Rosa’s sobered husk: “In the end you’ll take your memories, your bronze, silver or gold. Don’t let them ever get you down, what goes always comes around, that’s the colour of sound.”

There’s a comforting warmth to ‘When’ and Colour of Sound do the job of feeling familiar and easy. You almost feel like you know the songs as they begin but with the nature of what’s on display, most notably ‘Here It Comes Again’ and ‘Someday’, it’s distinctly wedding rock or Radio 1 hit wonder. Generally quite boring.

Despite the clear talent that lies at their disposal and the superb band delivery, 'When' heads further and further into pop’s aesthetic misery and their every move is revealed before their hand is up with ‘Long, Long Time’ and ‘Don’t You Know When It’s All Over’ to end their thoroughly predictable game.

Swing and a miss.


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