Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Myspace watch - Sarah Mac

Sarah Mac is Sheffield’s diamond in the rough.

After being specifically picked by the controversial former boxing champion Naseem Hamed to provide the music for his upcoming biopic (tipped to be a box office smash,) Ms Mac has been writing and gathering material to make up what will be her debut album.

While drawing inspiration from Hamed’s stories of his own hero, his father, Mac provides a little inspiration of her own as the jazz blues balladry of ‘Don’t Give Up’ hits special places in your heart.

Mac’s quirky-come-beautiful vocals and her lone piano give her songs their own identity, as shown in the romance and heartbreak that comes with ‘Everyone Knows’ where she croons:“You keep falling back, you’re so defeatist, you can’t be bothered anymore, there’s no such thing to you as the final straw.”

Reet nice.

Catch her: 

·         The Forum – Sheffield - 18/11/10
·         The 100 Club - London – 27/11/10

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