Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New Street Adventure - The Hurt's Still Here

This soul trio are out to break hearts and conquer souls.

This is their third unsigned EP and sees a distinct new direction for the unsigned London based trio.

New Street open by setting the record straight and rejecting their Mod revivalist tag in ‘Looking Sharp’ as front man Nick Corbin spits: “To all the whatsits in the hot seats and glams in the bands you should know it's not about being part of a gang.”

Their music comes from years of soul and Motown influence that’s shaved with a modern edge so sharp it’ll whip you into a hip swinging frenzy. ‘The Big AC’ begs the question of why you aren’t already in your dancing shoes as Corbin tells the story of his love affair with soul: “We’ll go to place where no one’s heard that you dance to the music, not just the words.”

Welcome your new love story.

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