Monday, 29 November 2010

Soldier Blue

After making their live debut on television’s Mind The Gap last November things have slowed up slightly for this four piece rhythm and blues band.

In the year that has passed since their sole TV appearance (impressively performed after only two practices as a band) Soldier Blue have been quietly working behind closed doors to write what has become an extended back catalogue of original material while replacing long term friend and founding member, Rich Wilde, with Ian Barber on bass.

After comprehensively winning an Exposed sponsored battle of the bands Soldier Blue landed a spot at this year’s Tramlines festival before once again heading into their own musical hibernation to work on home recorded material.

Despite 2010 being a quiet year for Soldier Blue, it was always intended and David Beaumont (vocals, keys, guitar) begins to explain why: “We’ve been writing a lot, deciding what we want to do, cataloguing all songs and riffs, either by writing it down or getting it recorded.”

It’s made for quite the build up of as yet un-heard songs as Soldier Blue are looking at 2011 as the year to begin their showdown with the music industry as Beaumont continues: “We really wanted to get it right before we had a real pop, now we’ve got a demo we’re reasonably happy with, we can do that.”

There is an energy in their music that runs way back through the decades and is freshened with their own modern spin. Their demo, ‘The Best Of 1968-1972’, jumps from juiced up Indie in ‘Falling Out And Falling In’ to heavily fuzzed rock n roll blues for ‘Easily Pleased’ while organs and harmonies steal the show in ‘Scared Of The City Lights’ and ‘In Spite Of You’.

So when you next see flashing blue lights on the horizon, it aint the fuzz, it’s Sheffield’s new blues soldiers.

Catch Soldier Blue:

The Mean Fiddler – London – Dec 3

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