Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ulterior – Sex War Sex Cars Sex

Out Now

Speed Records

This is the preceding single to Ulterior’s as yet unnamed debut album that is set to follow in early 2011.

The dark rock London quartet have kept the long term collaboration with producer Zlaya Hadzic (Sonic Youth, Tortoise) and ‘Sex Wars Sex Cars Sex’ is a pounding story of a sexual cold war.

With talk of “the single most erotic moment of my adult life today” and the animal intensity of their musicianship, Ulterior paint a dark picture of human lust  through synths and crunching guitars, allied by an outlook that must be buried in the bleak landscape of a tormented heart.

Synths add darker shades to this song as they refuse to head down the pop route but the continued chorus repeat of “sex, war, sex, cars, sex” and continual build ups lead them on a road to nowhere with the thirst for what could be still remaining in their libido.

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